Playable on Virtual Paradise

Hosted by Braden

In Development

Super Millionaire Super Millionaire Super Millionaire

Win up to BZN$10,000,000

Travel out of this world to new dimensions with BuzzIn’s Super Millionaire. The stakes have never been this high.

Warning: BuzzIn’s Super Millionaire is a completely new experience and was designed from the ground up for dedicated graphics cards. If your PC is using integrated graphics, you can experience extraordinary lag, and you may be prone to app or system crashes. If you are unable to attend a live studio game for this reason, we provide a live feed on Discord or via Twitch.

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With Braden


Hosted by Braden

Playable on Virtual Paradise


Win up to BZN$10,000,000.

Contestants are selected from eligible players who fill out the BuzzIn Contestant Application.

Most episodes of this show are streamed live on Twitch and Discord. Always check the schedule to confirm.

This show does not use a Premium Buy-In. There is no fee to play.