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Deal or No Deal Deal or No Deal Deal or No Deal

Win up to BZN$1,000,000

Inspired by The Million Second Quiz, this all-new version of Deal or No Deal takes place on a rooftop among the skyscrapers of BuzzIn’s home world. With exciting twists, turns, and drops around every corner, players will never know what to expect.

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Deal or No Deal: Ask The Host
Wait a minute, this isn’t…
Deal or No Deal: Jettison
Acquire a rocket on your way out of the set.
Deal or No Deal: Case 23
Select and keep case 23 through your game, reject all offers, and leave with at least $100,000.
With Squid

Chance, Gambling

Hosted by Squid

Playable on Virtual Paradise


Win up to BZN$1,000,000.

Contestants are selected from eligible players who fill out the BuzzIn Contestant Application.

Most episodes of this show are streamed live on Twitch and Discord. Always check the schedule to confirm.

This show does not use a Premium Buy-In. There is no fee to play.