Discord Rules Discord Rules Discord Rules

Last Updated: April 10, 2020

Welcome to BuzzIn on Discord! This server, and the rest of BuzzIn, is governed by our Code of Conduct (https://buzzin.tv/conduct) and the Terms of Service (https://buzzin.tv/terms). This Discord server is maintained by designated members part of the BuzzIn team. Permanent staff members are listed at https://buzzin.tv/team.

Before starting a discussion, please read all of our rules, and keep on topic inappropriate channels. Please listen to all BuzzIn staff and moderators (with red and orange names). Our moderators have the right to remove anyone breaking these rules. Do not be offensive toward a person or a group of people because of their perceived membership in a certain social group, whether it be sex, race, nationality, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, or physical appearance. If you attack or harass other users with any of these traits, you will be banned.
Please do not share NSFW content outside of designated NSFW channels. We allow swearing to a degree, but please keep conversations PG-13. For After Dark events, use #unrated instead of #events-discussion.
We reserve the right to server mute users who are being disruptive on voice chat. You will be unmuted at either the next intermission or at the conclusion of the game.
If you are being disruptive in text channels, your ability to chat may be temporarily suppressed.
You must have a headset microphone to play. If you do not have a headset, please let us know and we can setup alternative gameplay for you.
Do not access our studios outside of scheduled events without prior approval from staff. We have an obligation to protect our content and the media that we have acquired. If you are caught trying to exploit our software and protections to obtain this media for yourself, you will be warned and you may be outright banned, depending on the severity. We cannot maintain trust with our sources if they see we don’t treat their content with the respect it deserves. You may be restricted from attending BuzzIn events for any length of time, at any point in time, if you violate this rule even once.
Do not post official show media in any channel for any reason, without prior approval from staff. For the same reason you can’t access our studios outside of events. Obviously the Internet is designed for freedom of information, but BuzzIn is not the place for it. If you post official show media, regardless of whether or not it has been publicly released by anyone related to the show, including, but not limited to, composers, developers, etc., it will be removed, you will be warned, and depending on the severity, you may be banned.
Please do not advertise other servers in any of our channels, unless you have permission from staff. Unsolicited advertisements will be removed.
Unless proven otherwise, none of our games are rigged. We maintain strict quality assurance checks throughout the development and production of our games, often engineering them to ensure that rigging simply isn’t possible. Assuming or implying that our games are rigged without definitive proof will get your comments deleted. Do not accuse other players of cheating.
Please do not have discussions about politics or religion here. There are better places for those types of conversations. We won’t warn or ban for violations of this rule unless by community vote or administrative decision.
If you cause trouble here, your name may be added to a database that we share with other creators and community leaders.
We grow our staff by pulling from players who remain an active part of our community. If you love game shows, love what we do, and love being part of it all, your chances of joining our staff will improve over time. Please do not ask to join staff, as this will lower your chances.