Grief Report

Should I send a report?

If you are unsure if you should make a report, you can check the Community Code of Conduct to find out if the user is breaking the rules. If you think a player hasn’t broken the Community Code of Conduct, please do not send a report.

What happens to reports?

A human moderator will investigate all reports sent to us by users (we don’t use a computerized system for this), so sending us lots of reports about a single player doesn’t mean we will automatically take action against them. Moderators will only take action against users who don’t stick to the Community Code of Conduct, so think carefully about whether you should report them.

We usually warn users, but we may also suspend or ban their GSO ID account without warning for serious breaches of the Community Code of Conduct.

Please note that sending false reports on purpose breaks the Community Code of Conduct and might mean that the sender of false reports receives a warning, suspension, or ban.

Sending a report

Fill out the form below as it pertains to the type of report you wish to send. We will look at your report and take action as necessary. Please note that we will not comment on the status or outcome of reports, regardless if you sent them or not.