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Deal or No Deal: Case 27

You have 0 Candy Corn.

Case 27 contains one of five cards:

  • Double
  • Triple
  • +BZN$25,000
  • +BZN$100,000
  • +BZN$250,000

The Double and Triple cards will increase the contestant’s case value, respectively. The +BZN$25,000, +BZN$100,000, and +BZN$250,000 cards will add these amounts to their final winnings.

ContestantAdds Case 27 to the end of the game and requires the contestant to open it.
AudienceNot Applicable
EveryoneNot Applicable
How to ActivateTell the host you want to activate Case 27.
When to ActivateBefore selecting your case at the beginning of the game.
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