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Not necessarily. If you just want to play our games, and you don't care about saving your score after each game, or you aren't interested in our prizes, you don't have to sign up for a BuzzIn ID to play most games. Look for details on each game's page (and corresponding event page) to learn if you need a BuzzIn ID or not to play.

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  • Claim Discord Tokens daily and trade them for goodies
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  • Claim a free Player Profile to save your winnings, unlock rewards, and earn prizes
  • Choose from one of ten colors from the BuzzIn Series II palette to personalize your Player Profile.

Yes. BuzzIn is free to watch, play, and win, with or without an account. However, if you want to save your winnings, climb leaderboards, claim prizes, and more, you will need a free BuzzIn ID too.

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BuzzIn+ is an optional and affordable subscription that enhances your BuzzIn experience with numerous benefits and perks, while you help support BuzzIn Studios. You can only subscribe to BuzzIn+ once you have a BuzzIn ID.

Learn more at https://buzzin.tv/plus

Yes. You sign up for BuzzIn ID using your Discord® account, and you'll sign in with Discord each time you return to BuzzIn. You must also be a member of our Discord server and in good standing.

When you sign up for BuzzIn ID with Discord, we'll receive

  • Your Discord ID number, which is a unique string of numbers that connects your new BuzzIn ID to your Discord account.
  • Your Discord email address.
  • Your current username, not your nickname.
  • Your username will also make up your Player Profile URL.

We do not receive your Discord password, or any other identifying information.

At the very least, to sign up for a BuzzIn ID, you must be a member of our Discord server, and in good standing. Before Series II premieres, select members of our Discord will be able to create a BuzzIn ID and personalize their profiles. If you are not allowed to create a BuzzIn ID at this time, you may not have the correct permissions in Discord. If you believe this is an error, open a #help-me ticket.

Open a #help-me ticket in our Discord server.

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