With a free GSO ID profile, you can unlock and display the trophies you win playing Game Show Online events. The points (PTZ) you win while playing is also displayed on your profile. Think of it as a way to show off your hard work.

And in conjunction with the GSO Mobile app, if you participate in local GSO-sponsored events, you can synchronize your winnings in the real world with your online profile.


Each Game Show Online game offers Achievements that you can earn for performing certain tasks. Achievements are divided into three groups: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, and achievements in each group are harder to earn than the achievements in the previous group. Bronze are the easiest to earn, while Gold are the most difficult.

Bronze achievements are worth 100 PTZ each, Silver achievements are worth 250 PTZ, and Gold achievements are 500 PTZ. Achievements that aren’t part of any game, like the Game Show Online achievements, don’t give away any PTZ. Achievements that are part of special events will usually give away higher PTZ than a Gold achievement.


PTZ is the official currency of Game Show Online. We don’t give away cash, so when you play GSO events, you earn PTZ (points). The PTZ you currently have will be displayed on your GSO profile and on leaderboards across the website.

If you don’t have a GSO ID, signing up is quick and easy, and you control what you share with others.