Game Shelf

Claim the top prize in any live BuzzIn event to select from one of five games to keep free forever, in addition to your event winnings.

What is the BuzzIn Game Shelf?

When you claim the top prize in any live streamed BuzzIn event, not only will you take home your total winnings, but we’ll let you select one game from a rotating list of five games to keep forever, free of charge.

How does it work?

First, you need to win the top prize during a game that we’re live streaming on Twitch. You can’t claim a Game Shelf game if you win during a Discord or private event.


When you win the top prize during a live stream game, once you receive your winnings, you will be able to choose between one of the games available, or you can choose to defer.

How many times can I redeem a Game Shelf game?

You are limited to one Game Shelf game per month, unless you have previously won a top prize and chosen to defer your Game Shelf redemption.

What happens if I defer?

If none of the games available interest you or are compatible with your PC, you can choose to defer your redemption.


When you defer, you give up your free Game Shelf game for this time only, and you will be eligible to select from the Game Shelf a second time if you win a top prize again in the same month.


When you defer, BuzzIn Studios will award you an extra BZN$100,000 to compensate.

How are games chosen for the Game Shelf?

Games are subject to availability, but we try to stock one AAA game, two AA games, and three indie or lesser known games.

When are new games added to the Game Shelf?

We shuffle games in and out each month, usually within the first week. Not all games are changed each month; AAA games last the longest from month to month, while indie games are shuffled more often.


When games are removed from the Game Shelf, they are usually placed back on the BuzzIn Store, available for purchase with BZN$.