Play and Win to Claim a Game

You can only claim a Game Shelf game if you win the grand prize in a live streamed event. If it's not on Twitch, it doesn't count! When we deposit your winnings, you'll have the chance to select from one of these five games to keep forever.

New Games Each Month

We'll shuffle new games into the Game Shelf each month, so you'll always have a couple new games to select from. Similarly, you can only claim a Game Shelf game once per month, even if you win a grand prize more than once.

Not Interested? Not Compatible?

If these games simply don't interest you, or they aren't compatible with your PC, let us know and we'll save your Game Shelf claim if you win again this month, and give you BZN$100,000 instead. You'll be one step closer to the game you really want!

PC Building Simulator

BZN$ 0

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

BZN$ 0

Swag and Sorcery

BZN$ 0


BZN$ 0

Tropico 6

BZN$ 0

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