Frequently Asked Questions

What are Achievements?

Achievements are badges you can earn as rewards when competing during Game Show Online events. Each game awards three categories of achievements: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze achievements are the easiest to earn, while Gold are the most difficult.


How many PTZ do I earn per Achievement?

You earn 100 PTZ per Bronze, 250 PTZ per Silver, and 500 PTZ per Gold. Some achievements are limited edition or part of a special event; these, denoted by red on the achievements list, may offer more PTZ than standard achievements.

Game Show Online also offers achievements that aren’t tied to any specific game; these have no value and you don’t earn any PTZ for unlocking them.


What are other ways to earn PTZ?

PTZ is the official currency for Game Show Online. When you play GSO events, you earn PTZ (pronounced “points”). In addition to earning PTZ playing events, you can also earn PTZ by:

  • Unlocking achievements
  • Participating in select activities on the Game Show Online website
  • Using the GSO Go app for Android
  • Scanning the GSO Go app at NFC checkpoints for local Game Show Online-sponsored events
  • Playing along with Game Show Online events at
  • Playing GSO Quick Play for Android

However, this list is not exhaustive. There are several ways to earn PTZ, some more advertised than others.

What happened to my Player Profile?

With the March 2018 website upgrade, Player Profiles were erased and replaced with an accounts-based system called GSO ID. You’ll need to register a GSO ID account to save your game progress, but you don’t need a GSO ID to play.


My achievements and stats are gone!

With the March 2018 website upgrade, achievements and statistics were wiped. You’ll need to start fresh. The upside is that we’ll never have to wipe the database again.