Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Code of Conduct

Last Updated:  July 14, 2020

When using BuzzIn features and services, you must behave decently, respectfully, and with consideration for us and other users. This includes your use of any sharing or communication features available that allow you to share messages, comments, pictures, photographs, videos, game assets, game videos and other information.

  • Treat others with respect at all times.
  • Do not cheat or manipulate gameplay to your or someone else’s advantage.
  • Ensure your username, display name, public communications, user generated content, or any other form of communication are not offensive to others.
  • Do not post anything that is defamatory (making an untrue statement that may be damaging to the person concerned) or racially, ethnically, religiously, or sexually offensive.
  • Think about whether you are posting links to appropriate websites. We will remove inappropriate links.
  • Do not stalk, bully, discriminate against, or abuse other users.
  • Do not be disruptive or threatening.
  • Do not share other users’ and your own personal and account information. Similarly, do not ask other people to give you their personal or account information.
    • BuzzIn Staff will never ask for any personal information outside of contestant introductions for events.
  • Do not share content that is not yours to share.
  • Do not use or share codes, software or devices to cheat and do not attempt to hack, damage or exploit any bugs in BuzzIn Platform to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Do not use BuzzIn Platform for profit or for commercial purposes, infringe on copyright owned by anybody or break the law in any other way.
  • Do not give false information, including making false complaints, giving us a false date of birth, or impersonating another person.
  • If you have vendor privileges in the BuzzIn Store, do not manipulate prices or cheat players.

BuzzIn staff reserves the right to remove users from our community for any reason, although we will make every effort to work with at risk players to ensure that their removal is a last resort.

If you break the Code of Conduct, we may suspend your account or ban your BuzzIn Platform account. The length of suspension or ban depends on how seriously the rules are broken and we reserve the right to suspend or ban a user for a first offense.

If your BuzzIn Platform account has been suspended or banned, you will receive an email at the address associated with your account within 24 hours explaining the reason and how long it will last.