Countdown to Super Millionaire

Join the audience or become a contestant!

This year, Super Millionaire is taken to exciting new levels and we’re bringing you along for the ride! With over a dozen awards to unlock and BZN$10,000,000 to win, BuzzIn returns with an event you do not want to miss!


Awards for Super Millionaire

You can earn awards for your Player Profile whether you’re a contestant or part of the audience. Here are a few of the awards available.

Some awards are hidden until the series premiere to avoid spoilers.

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Send a message to [PrizeBot] in our Discord server with a link to the prize on the BuzzIn Store you want to redeem. If you do not have enough BZN$ on your profile to redeem the prize, your request will be rejected.

You have one minute to complete this quiz.

You have one minute to complete this quiz.

These questions were used for last year's Super Millionaire events. Try your luck against them to see how well you stack up against the higher stakes.

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1) The song “It’s Not Easy Being Green” is associated with which of these characters?

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2) Which Beatle played with the band behind the song ‘Handle with Care”?