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BuzzIn Season One

2021 - 2022

Membership Tiers

We created this chart so you know at a glance what you can do with a free BuzzIn ID, and what awaits you with VIP status.


Without a BuzzIn ID or signed out

  • Watch live on Twitch

    Tune in to live BuzzIn events on Twitch.

  • Watch on YouTube

    Check out highlights, full episodes, and behind the scenes content on YouTube.

  • Attend most live BuzzIn events

    With the app and a free Virtual Paradise account, attend most live BuzzIn events as a member of the in-studio audience.

  • View the BuzzIn website

    You'll be able to view details about games, prizes, and what BuzzIn is about, but to participate, you will need a free BuzzIn ID.

  • Join our Discord server

    Connect with other game show fans in our Discord server, enter community giveaways, and stay up to date on the latest from BuzzIn.


Signed into BuzzIn ID

  • Become a Contestant

    Once you create a BuzzIn ID, apply to become a contestant in a future event!

  • Earn Points

    You can't win real money on BuzzIn. Instead, you earn BuzzIn Dollars (BZN$) and Gems, which you can exchange for prizes in the BuzzIn Store.

  • Win Prizes

    Loaded with Steam games and more being added each month, there's sure to be something you want to play.

  • The Game Shelf

    Claim the top prize in any live BuzzIn event and select from one of five Steam games to keep forever, free, in addition to your event winnings. Limits apply.

  • Unlock Badges for your profile

    Complete tasks and objectives in and out of BuzzIn games to unlock badges. When you unlock badges, you earn Gems.

  • Compete in Personal and Community Quests

    Win even more rewards, plus bonus goodies, when you compete in personal and community quests.

  • Spin the Wheel of Stuff

    Once a week, spin for bonus Gems or a random prize from the BuzzIn Store. Everyone's a winner! Coming Soon.

  • Check In to receive Gifts from BuzzIn Studios and friends

    When you visit select locations throughout the Virtual Paradise universe, you'll be able to leave a comment, claim a gift, and receive bonus points!

  • Level up to BuzzIn VIP

    As you play games and win points and prizes, and participate in other activities on BuzzIn, you'll level up. Reach Level 8 to obtain VIP status – permanently!

BuzzIn VIP

Players who have obtained VIP status

  • Claim VIP Bonuses

    Sign in to BuzzIn each month to claim bonus rewards. Think of it as a virtual loot box.

  • VIP Desgination

    Includes "VIP" on your BuzzIn profile and the VIP rank on Discord. If there is VIP seating at a BuzzIn event, you can access it.

  • Attend private VIP events

    These can include sneak peeks at new BuzzIn games, and are never broadcast on Twitch, but clips of them can appear on YouTube, and you keep all of your winnings.

  • Access private Discord channels

    VIP players have access to several exclusive channels throughout the server.

  • Enter the BuzzIn Lounge

    The BuzzIn Lounge is a VIP-exclusive space in the BuzzIn Hub of Virtual Paradise. Enter the Lounge for a unique view on the Hub, and access special gifts from BuzzIn Studios! Includes requesting access to The Safehouse. Coming Soon.

BuzzIn VIP status can be obtained by reaching Level 8 on the BuzzIn website, Level 50 on Discord, or by being designated VIP status by a BuzzIn Director.

If you have appeared on a nationally-televised game or reality show, let us know to receive Superstar status, which includes BuzzIn VIP.



Top 10

BuzzIn Dollars

# Avatar Name BZN$
1 BuzzIn Studios 20,550
2 AJ VanMiddendorp 0
3 Arynnia 0
4 Edwin 0
5 Jsach 0
6 Caleb Fleming (Levi The Boss#1360) 0
7 GSK 0
8 Ross Spence 0
9 Ashe 0
10 Yafet Tegbaru 0

Top 10


# Avatar Name Gems
1 BuzzIn Studios 2,608
2 GSK 103
3 AJ VanMiddendorp 16
4 Arynnia 16
5 Edwin 16
6 Jsach 16
7 Caleb Fleming (Levi The Boss#1360) 16
8 Ross Spence 16
9 Ashe 16
10 Yafet Tegbaru 16

Top 10


# Avatar Name Badges
1 BuzzIn Studios 10
2 Yasahiro 0
3 GSK 0
4 Jsach 0
5 Edwin 0
6 Ashe 0
7 Arynnia 0
8 Caleb Fleming (Levi The Boss#1360) 0
9 Ross Spence 0
10 AJ VanMiddendorp 0

Top 10


# Avatar Name Quests
1 BuzzIn Studios 0
2 Yasahiro 0
3 GSK 0
4 Jsach 0
5 Edwin 0
6 Ashe 0
7 Arynnia 0
8 Caleb Fleming (Levi The Boss#1360) 0
9 Ross Spence 0
10 AJ VanMiddendorp 0

BuzzIn can be enjoyed by all, but you need to be an adult to play.

You don’t need to be an adult to watch our live programming on Twitch, or most of our videos on YouTube, but you must be 18 years or older to create a free BuzzIn ID, apply to become a contestant, and to join our Discord.


Frequently Asked Questions

New BuzzIn

What's the difference between old and new BuzzIn?

The BuzzIn relaunch is a new beginning in every way. Players will begin at BZN$0 and will need to work their way to the top once again. They’ll find it will be trickier this time, as the economy has been balanced, and BZN$ is more difficult to obtain.


Players can only acquire BZN$ through gameplay, giveaways, and select other means. When you sign into the website, attend events, and join our community, you earn Gems.

What else is new?

Beginning this year, BuzzIn itself is one big season, which means it will come to an end. Once BuzzIn launches, games and shows will run through the first few months of 2022, and around May, BuzzIn’s first season (2021-2022) will come to a close, and we’ll go dormant again for a few months.


During this off period, we’ll improve our games and get ready to launch brand new ones, so it won’t be like previous breaks. You’ll still hear from us, but just not as often. We’ll still be taking a summer break, and you should too!


Later in 2022, BuzzIn will start its second season (2022-2023), and this cycle will repeat each year for each new season. This lets our team take the break they deserve and allows us to focus several months at a time on developing new games and improving old ones for you.

Is anything carried over from the old BuzzIn?

No. This is a fresh start.

Is there a new Discord server?

Currencies & Prizes

What are the points for?

BuzzIn games are played for points and prizes, not real money. Contestants play for BuzzIn Dollars (BZN$), a virtual currency that can only be earned on BuzzIn. You can’t buy more BZN$, but you can spend BZN$ you’ve earned on prizes and goodies in the BuzzIn Store.


You also earn a second currency, called Gems, when you interact with the BuzzIn website, play BuzzIn games, join the in-studio audience, compete in community quests, earn rewards, and so on.

What are BZN$ for?

When you play BuzzIn games, live or not, you win BuzzIn Dollars (BZN$). BZN$ are what players strive to obtain on BuzzIn, as your BZN$ total determines your spot on key leaderboards, but your BZN$ can also be used in the BuzzIn Store to purchase prizes, like Steam Games. There is no limit to how much BZN$ you can earn per day.


Click here to learn how to earn more BZN$.

What are Gems for?

Gems are much easier to earn than BZN$; you can earn more by signing in each week, attending events in-studio, and being active in our community. You can also some transfer Gems to other players, and use up to 100 Gems in a single BuzzIn Store purchase. However, you can only earn up to 500 Gems per day.

Click here to learn how to earn more Gems.

Do my BZN$ and Gems expire?

Any BZN$ you’ve earned will expire at the end of the current BuzzIn season, usually around May of the following year. We’ll hold end-of-season sales to give you as many ways as possible to spend it all.


Any Gems you’ve earned will also expire at the end of the current BuzzIn season.


Rewards that you’ve earned or unlocked, like accolades, badges, and quests, never expire. Once you’ve earned them, they’re yours forever!


Is BuzzIn free?

BuzzIn is non-profit and completely free. We do not run third-party advertisements, and you will never be asked for money.


If you would like to show your support for BuzzIn, 100% of donations are returned to the community through higher quality prizes or special giveaway events. You can anonymously track donations received by BuzzIn and see how they are used.

Can anyone create an account?

Everyone with a BuzzIn ID must be 18 years or older. You must also be 18 or older to join our Discord, be an in-studio audience member, or play BuzzIn games. If you are not 18 yet, we invite you to watch our live events on Twitch, and subscribe to us on YouTube, and when you turn 18, come join our community.

Can I apply to be a contestant?
Can I join the BuzzIn Crew?
Can I invite friends?

Yes. After you sign in, navigate to [Play] > [Career] to find a URL you can share with friends. If they use your unique URL to create a BuzzIn ID, you and they will receive bonus Gems.

Prizes & BuzzIn Store

How do I purchase a prize?

If you have enough BuzzIn Dollars (BZN$), head to the BuzzIn Store and search for a game you want and can afford. Once you find a game you want, add it to your cart, and complete checkout to receive its Steam key!

How are keys obtained for the BuzzIn Store?

Keys are purchased from Humble or from other reputable sources.

Can I donate a prize for the BuzzIn Store?

Please contact us on Discord via ModMail.